Hi, My name is Krysti and I am a stay at home mom. Believe me…I have tried it all or so it seems. Along my road as a stay at home mom, I have had good and bad experiences. I have failed and I have been successful. I have worked for somebody else and I have worked on my own. Along my road to financial freedom, I have not only discovered what works and what doesn’t, I have also realized that not everything is right for everyone. We are all so very unique and we all have different skills, interests and talents. Therefor…we will all be successful at different things right/! That is why I have created this blog. I will be discussing ways to make money FROM HOME and I will review ideas, business opportunities and more. Just check out our blog daily, because I am a workaholic so there is always goi9ng to be something new here for you to see/read. If it is a way to make $$$ from home, I will dig it up! I wish all moms the success they deserve and I will help you every step of the way! No mother should be out in the work force, at home is where we belong : )   ~Krysti~


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